Toyota LC200

Hot-formed Toyota LC200

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One of Jankel’s key additions to the Civilian Armoured Vehicles (CAV) market is the only fully Hot-Formed Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200.  The advanced methods of protection used in this vehicle make the Jankel Toyota LC 200 a class-leading and cost-effective solution, increasingly being chosen by discerning military, security, NGO and government organisations across the world.

Certified to VPAM BRV 2009 level VR7, and with side blast protection of 15kg TNT at 2m distance as standard, this live fire-tested and certified vehicle offers protection you can rely on. In addition, the platform offers the safety of a fully tested and validated brake and suspension system to PAS301. The new Publicly Available Standard (PAS) 301 sets out the automotive test methods and standards for compliance by civilian armoured vehicle manufacturers.

The Hot-Formed Armoured Toyota LC 200 has many proven design options developed for unique user requirements. These include electric power upgrades, higher protection levels, and specialist fit-outs that allow the vehicle to undertake roles far beyond the capabilities of standard civilian armoured vehicles.

What is Hot-Formed Armour Technology?

This innovative technology replaces the jigsaw of hundreds of flat pieces of armour used in conventional armouring, with large pressed three-dimensional armour panels.

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Following speculation the LC200 is being discontinued, find out how Jankel can secure your fleet for the future


These large Hot-Formed armour components deliver:

  • 70% less welding, bolting and support armour required, resulting in a reduced-weight armour system for the level of protection
  • Highest levels of live-fire and blast certification available
  • High rate of production with guaranteed consistency in manufacture and fast delivery times
  • Increased protection from the over-matched threat
  • Conformity of protection in production from OEM tolerance panels
  • Reduced purchase price for this standard of vehicle

Jankel’s Hot-Formed Armoured Toyota LC 200 has passed comprehensive live-fire testing in accordance with BRV 2009, ERV 2010 and AEP 55 at an independent testing house in Germany. Additionally the vehicle has been certified to meet the requirements of M1 Passenger vehicles in Europe.

Hot-Formed LC 200 spec sheet